Tish Hinojosa

Date02/09/2014 (Sunday)
Time7 PM
LocationBetween Boulder and Nederland
AboutOK, I'm breaking my own rule. Usually I see every musician live before inviting them into my living room. I've seen this musician's name for years at respected venues. Tish Hinojosa has been requested by more one than one neighbor, and I've been pleasantly communicating with this incredibly beloved artist for over a year.

Linda Ronstadt recorded one of her songs. She's played the White House. You can find people selling her older press kits on EBay (really!). And the University of Texas has a collection of her personal papers from 1979 - 2007. Hinojosa accompanies herself on guitar, which she plays right-handed although she is naturally lefthanded. If I get a huge waiting list I'm moving this concert to Nederland and making it a benefit!

When it comes to finding inspiration, sometimes you have to put a few miles between yourself and your hometown, or, even your country. This is exactly what Tish Hinojosa did for her 2013 album After the Fair.

Originally from San Antonio, Hinojosa spent the past nine years living, writing, composing, collaborating, and exploring in Hamburg, Germany. Having released her last CD, Our Little Planet – a self penned, 12 song collection of traditional bluegrass and her trademark sound of contemporary folk and Tex-Mex, in 2008, she allowed the sights, sounds and historic culture of her St. Pauli neighborhood to work their magic on her newest body of work.

Moved by this funky corner of the world where the Beatles lived and performed, Hinojosa strolled the streets of the red light district, retreated to cafes, traversed the harbor, and paid homage to the museums and theaters dedicated to music appreciation which is never far from her heart.

As the youngest of thirteen children born to Mexican immigrant parents, Hinojosa grew up listening to traditional Mexican songs as well as the pop and folk stations of the 60s on her parents’ radio. Inspired by these diverse influences, her career took her to New Mexico and then to Nashville. Performing with legendary country musician, Michael Martin Murphy, inspired her to begin writing her own songs in English and Spanish.

The new disc, which introduces her fans to a rich, layered sound of soul-satisfying brass, brings her children into the creative fold – her son, Adam Hinojosa Barker, wrote Cobblestones and her musician daughter, Maria Cristina, was the inspiration behind Infinity Times Ten. Hinojosa also serenades her idol, Paul McCartney, by translating and singing A Certain Softness in Spanish.

This new production is a continuation of Tish Hinojosa’s ongoing success story. After her first independent release (Taos to Tennessee, 1987), she was signed by A&M Records and achieved an international debut release. Since then, a continuous stream of recordings and numerous American and European tours have brought Hinojosa’s music to an ever-expanding audience. To date, she has released 16 albums.

Her releases explore a wide variety of styles, ranging from the perfect balance of country, folk, and Latino elements on the award-winning Culture Swing (1992) and the collection of Mexican love ballads and border songs on the all Spanish Frontejas (1995), to the delicate mysticism of Dreaming From the Labyrinth (1996) and the joyful optimism on her bilingual children’s record Cada Niño/Every Child (1996). Sign of Truth (2000) added yet another facet to Hinojosa’s sound, revealing a more personal, intimate, and independent side.

With accolades that include playing at the White House at the invitation of President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Linda Ronstadt recording her own version of Tish’s song Donde Voy, and teaming up with artists like Joan Baez, Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, Nanci Griffith, Pete Seeger, Flaco Jimenez, and Los Lobos, Hinojosa’s sound has an undeniable and far-reaching appeal.

Having completed her most recent album, After the Fair, with acclaimed Berlin musician and producer Moe Jacksch, Hinojosa has now reestablished her Texas roots by settling back into Austin, her true home since 1988. The Austinite label is one she welcomes with open arms, not just for the triumphant return to margaritas at the Cedar Door, proper Mexican food, and quality thrifts stores, but for the representation of a homecoming after an extended journey of exploration and self-discovery. Said Hinojosa of her return, “Austin will always be my home now.”

“Simply put, Hinojosa is a first class songwriter”

“A talented songwriter with an understated but utterly unaffected delivery…vivid…touching…pointed…playful…engaging…A rare gift for melody that’s perfect for Hinojosa’s lovely, relaxed soprano.”

“Her songs are richly detailed slices of life…Hinojosa’s is a strong, poetic, sensual, and conscious voice.”

“Hinojosa’s music proved infectiously attractive, performed with warmth and real audience appeal.”

“This tremendously gifted and uncommonly diverse singer-songwriter from Texas…. Subsumed herself in the thematic substance and graceful flow of her music — an act of great purity made possible by her rare purity of voice.”

When: Sunday, 09 February 2014 
Music starts at 7 PM
Optional potluck starts at 6 PM
Where: West of Boulder, off Magnolia Road

Cost: Suggested minimum contribution $20 - 25 per person, 100% of contributions go to the artist


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For more information on Tish Hinojosa see http://mundotish.com


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I am still working through my individual thank you notes but I want to say a quick thanks for the folks who have been sending me money to repair/replace my flood-damaged Bose sound system. I will be borrowing a system starting with the Joe Crookston Concert.
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